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Carbon Filters


Carbon Filtration Systems

The Activated Carbon filter is designed for operation automatically which removes suspended matter, turbidity, chlorine, chloramines and dissolved organics. The filter bed consists of Granular Activated Carbon filtering media with supporting underbed gravels.

When in operation, the water is directed from the top of the vessel through the inlet valve and flows downward through the filter media. Clean filtered water is supplied at the outlet pipe. As the filter cycle progresses, the filter bed become dirty thus increasing the pressure drop across the filter. To ensure that excessive pressure drop does not restrict the flow through the filter; the filter is backwashed once a day.

Backwashing of the filter is automatically controlled and is initiated by a time clock. It is normally set to initiate backwashing at 24-hour intervals at a time of day when the demand for filtered water is at a minimum.


Typical Carbon Media Filter System


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