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Mixed Beds


Regenerable Mixed Bed Filtration Systems

The regenerable mixed bed deionizers, designed to reduce the total dissolved solids level in the incoming water, contains both cation and anion ion exchange resins.  The cation resin is a strong acid type and is regenerated with 30% HCl from a carboy, tote or drum.  The anion resin is a strong base, type 2 and is regenerated with 50% NaOH from a carboy, tote or drum. The regenerant chemicals are automatically diluted to the proper strength for the regeneration of the resins.

The mixed bed deionizers consist of a steel pressure vessel containing cation resin shipped in the sodium form, and anion resin shipped in the chloride form.  The piping is constructed of Schedule 80 PVC using socket welded and flanged fittings. The pressure vessels are sandblasted, lined and painted with a durable baked PVC material.

All functions are performed without operator intervention.  When the volume of water treated or the product water resistivity has exceeded the pre-set values, the unit is automatically taken off-line and the regeneration sequence begins. The regeneration sequence for each vessel consists of ten steps: blowdown, backwash, chemical in, slow rinse, fast rinse, blowdown, air-water mix, air mix, fill and final rinse. The regeneration time is typically around 180 minutes.


Typical Duplex Regenerable Mixed Bed Deionizer System


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