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Batch Treatment


BM - Batch Treatment Systems

The BM--2 is a two chamber, batch precipitation and clarification system designed to perform the following functions:

            - pH Neutralization/Precipitation

            - Flocculation & Clarification

            - Integral Sludge Thickening

The Batch Precipitation System is designed as a stirred tank reactor utilized for pH neutralization and precipitation of the contaminants. The BM is also designed for flocculation of the contaminant precipitate by the addition of anionic polymer which coagulates the precipitate, allowing for rapid settling and thickening. After completion of the batch settling process, the supernatant is decanted and pumped through an effluent polishing filter, then on to drain.

The sludge is pumped into the Sludge Holding Tank where it is further thicken prior to dewatering in the filter press.  This improves the efficiency of the filter press.  As the slurry settles in the sludge holding tank, any supernatant is manually decanted and pumped back to the system for retreatment.



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