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pH Neutralization


NS - Continuous Flow Neutralization Systems

TSI is proposing to provide a 3 tank pH neutralization system. Each chamber are designed as a stirred tank reactor utilized for proportionally controlled pH adjustment.  Each tank are designed for provide 10 minutes residence time, to accommodate the neutralization process.  Each chamber is equipped with a mechanical agitator, thus providing thorough mixing of the waste influent and neutralization chemicals.  Each chamber utilizes a reagent dosing metering pump(s) for the introduction of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) and sulfuric acid (H2PO4), used to neutralize the waste influent. The system effluent flows by gravity to drain through a stilling well located in the last reaction tank where the effluent pH is monitored.

Redundant pH transmitters can be included for redundancy. These devices are used to control the neutralization chemical addition (acid/caustic) process in conjunction with the system control PLC.  If the deviation between transmitter input signals exceeds an alert setpoint range, the operator will be alerted to check the pH transmitter calibration. Should the deviation between each duplexed transmitter input signals exceed an alarm setpoint range, the neutralization tank will be automatically taken off line and an operator alarm will be activated.  This will prevent an out-of-spec condition from occurring due to pH instrumentation failure.  

Each mixer can be included with an optional current monitoring transmitter.  If the agitator current signal leaves a preset range, the system PLC will deactivate the agitator, take the tank neutralization process off line and activate an operator alert alarm. This will prevent an out-of-spec condition from occurring due to a mixer failure.


An optional third reaction tank can be provided designed to provide the redundancy required to assure the system remains in compliance, should any single reactor be taken off-line due to mechanical and/or process failure.  The process control system provided with this system will guarantee system performance with any two chambers in a fully functional condition, thus providing a completely redundant neutralization reactor.

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NS-100-3 / Modular Continuous Flow Neutralization Systems rated for 100 gpm


Double Contained NS Reagent Feed System


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